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Lectionary 345: Love and Marriage

February 23, 2017


Lectionary 345.  Scripture:  Feb. 24. Sirach 6:5-17. Psalm 119: Mark 10:1-12:

Sirach speaks about the value of  true friendship and offers some practical advice on whom to consider as our more intimate friends.  Care has to be taken and much discernment. His examples are worthwhile for looking into our own relationship with others. We are advised to look at our own friends to discern which ones can be trusted with more personal sharings.  Some are not what he would call true and trustworthy friends. Special friendships are precious and have to be worked with and developed.

I found one verse in our Response that fits what Sirach is speaking about in his words of practical down-to-earth wisdom:  “Give me discernment that I may observe your law and keep it with all my heart.”

Jesus speaks of marriage and how husband and wife are one in the flesh. It fits in with the theme of friendship since in Catholic sacramental marriages one strives to have one’s husband or wife as one’s “best friend” with whom one may share what is most confidential and intimate in one’s life.  I personally admire such marriages that demonstrate such love in a beautiful and edifying manner. Jesus is telling us that they are seen as one in the flesh (and one in the Spirit). Bishop Martin Sheen who ministered to many married people and movie stars always said: “It takes three to make a marriage. The husband and wife and God.”

What joy it is to see such a relationship in a married couple.  It strengthens those called to marriage and is helpful and edifying for those who choose to be single or vowed in a chosen way of life in community with others.

I as a religious learn much from such dedicated married people. They strengthen my own call to love, to live simply and honestly, and to respect the dignity of those with whom I live and minister to. Of course, careful discernment is necessary for entering such marriage or in embracing a vowed life with others in community.  I like what Jesus recalls from Genesis, “Let no one separate what God has joined.”

Today’s meditation made me recall my mother who celebrates her anniversary of death, Feb. 24, 1986.   Amen.

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